Monday, January 14, 2013

Update on Ministry and Family

Oops!  Don't you hate it when you it the publish key too early and there is nothing to show for it?  That is what I just did, so let me get these pictures uploaded in here, and update you on recent happenings in our missionary lives.

Taken yesterday at church in Karen
First of all, my baby is walking.  Brina is REALLY mobile now!  She started walking on her own a week or two ago when BJ's parents were here.  It really made them happy that they got to see her first steps.  (We heard today that they made it safely back to the States, so that is a blessing.)

Brina is still quite tottery, but she is determined to practice every waking minute.  Forget about being held anymore!  She now feels she has things to do and places to go!

She loves grass, flowers, rocks and being outside.  Also, bugs and leaves and anything else that looks tasty.

We spent Saturday and Sunday in Karen.  Saturday, I taught a ladies' meeting which went well.  About 15 ladies enjoyed fellowship, chai, and maandazi around God's Word.  God has given BJ and I a burden for the families at Karen Baptist Church.  This month, God gave me a lesson to teach on "Building Your Man".  

Bro. Madory flew in from the States for the transition service.  Last week, Karen Baptist voted in BJ as their missionary pastor.  Bro. Madory was there this week to officially hand over the leadership of the church to BJ.  

So now . . . I am a pastor's wife.  Did you know that there is a difference between being a missionary's wife and a pastor's wife?  Up to this point, we have been helping other missionaries in their ministries.  But now both the Deaf and the hearing in this young, three-year-old church are OUR ministry.  Yes, the responsibility is much greater now.  Already, after just one week, ladies are coming to me with questions, wanting prayer for situations in their lives and families.  And I feel so young myself!  Please pray for me that I can be what they need as a pastor's wife.  I know I will make mistakes.  But God is teaching me that love for them and a caring heart will cover a multitude of mistakes!  Please pray for us.  BJ and I both need wisdom in this new facet of ministry.  

We will stay here in Nakuru and continue making the trips back and forth.  The Deaf ministry here at the Mickey's church, Grace Bible Baptist, is still in its infant stage, but God is bringing up a class interpreters/teachers at Grace who will be a great help in the Deaf ministry.  With more hands, we can do so much more! 

Soon, BJ will be starting a Deaf service at Grace with Deaf students from the Ngala Deaf School.  We will bring them in by bus, and then he will teach them God's Word on Sunday evenings after he gets back from Karen.  (Right now the Karen church only has a Sunday morning service, and then a midweek meeting on Tuesdays.)  

Needless to say, we are very busy, especially BJ, but it is a good busyness.  There is nothing like being busy serving the Lord!  And it is truly a privilege to get to serve Him here in Kenya.  

* Pilau, chapati, and green grams, a new Kenyan dish that I am trying.


1HappyWife said...

It is exciting to read all about what the Lord is doing there!!! Praying for you in your "new role"!!
Love reading all your updates about your family too :).

Jolene said...

Congratulations to a new pastor's wife! You are a GREAT example for those ladies to follow, and I am thrilled that they have you!!!

Joyful said...

Congratulations! I think you will make a great pastor's wife. May the Lord help you achieve his purposes.

momto9 said...

Cant believe she is walking already and how special that the grandparents got to be there to see that!!!
You seem very warm and caring. I'm sure that as you humble yourself God will give you grace to do the task he has set before you!!