Saturday, April 19, 2014

Safari! Where We Went

Yesterday was our last day with the young people from Cleveland Baptist Church, the Mickey's home church in the States.  It was a large group, 21 people in all, and for the past two weeks we've had them spread out between our house, the Mickey's house, and a hotel in town.  The teens and the adults who came with them were involved every day in the various ministries of Grace Bible Baptist Church.  Then Thursday began the final event in their busy schedule--a safari!  I am so glad that we got to go too.  Safaris are so much fun, and as I keep telling Seth, it is one of the blessings of being a missionary kid in Kenya.  Not every American kid gets to go on a real-live safari in Africa!

Thursday we left early in the morning in three vehicles bound for Sweetwaters, a very unique hotel, and the national park that surrounds it.  We took so many pictures that I'm going to have to split our latest adventure into two posts--where we went and what we saw.  I can just see Pawpaw's face in anticipation of seeing these pictures!  BJ's parents came to visit us a year and a half ago, and we took them to the national park right here in Nakuru.  They absolutely loved every minute of it!  As I browsed through all of these pictures, I couldn't help thinking of them and remembering our time together with them.  

Getting to spend the night in a "tent" made the experience so memorable.  It is a hotel room, but you feel like you are sleeping in a tent.  Of course, we had to keep it zipped up all of the time to keep the bugs and the baboons out! 

We actually had a gazelle come right up to the tents where we stayed.  A couple of the teenage boys tried feeding it some grass because it seemed tame and unafraid of us being just feet away from it.  It evidently was not tame though because it suddenly turned and tried to gore one of them with its horns.  The boys got out of its way quick! 

There was a watering hole in front of the tents (separated by a ditch and a fence) where all kinds of animals would come and drink.  So fun to watch the wildlife.

Manitoba stork

The lobby/dining room

The food was delicious!

Part of the group

The men and boys who stayed at my house, but two are missing from the picture.

Pastor Oloo with Mitch, one of the teens in the group (the one who tried to feed the gazelle!  Ha Ha)

Our kids enjoyed the time we got to spend with the Mickeys, especially with Elizabeth and Steve.  Now that we are back home, Brina keeps asking, "Go see Mickeys?"

I love taking pictures with my kiddos.  Seth is not too keen on being in front of the camera anymore though.  (Sigh).  He is growing up too fast.  I must get my camera memories in while I can!

The gazelle I mentioned earlier.  We were only about 5 feet from it when we took this picture.